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Common Name: Sangria crinum lily

Botanical Name: Crinum 'Sangria'

Color: Purple and green foliage with rosy pink flowers

Blooming Period: Summer and sporadically in fall

Zone(s): 7-10

Type: Perennial bulb

Size: 24-30 inches

Exposure: Sun to part sun

When to Plant: Spring to fall

How to Plant: Plant bulbs with the top of the neck even with the soil surface.

Soil: Adapts to everything but a bog.

Watering: Drought tolerant once established.

When to Prune: Not necessary

In Your Landscape: Use its contrasting color and shape to draw the eye.

Crinum 'Sangria' puts a new spin on a classic Southern plant. Like other crinums, it is tough as nails, surviving on abandoned sites without care for decades. 'Sangria' updates this old staple with spectacular foliage that emerges a deep purple and slowly ages to green. The swordlike foliage eventually flops over, giving the plant a loose, casual feel. Worth growing for its foliage alone, the rose-pink flowers are a pretty bonus.

In winter, the dying foliage provides some protection; so if you live in the Northern half of the state, delay cutting it back until March. Of course, you could just leave it alone. No one cuts back, waters or fertilizes the many crinums growing on old homesteads across the state.


The Best Annuals From Seeds

The best annuals from seeds

1.Zinnia..are loved for there cheerful colors,heat tolerance and ease of care.The common zinnias -Zinnia elegans- include more than 100 varieties in many sizes,with flowers in every color except blue.Bushy plants have flowers with single,semi double or double button,pompom or beehive shapes that can be as large as 5 inches in diameter.

2.Morning Glory..Ipomea purpurea- In my garden I haven't planted any Morning Glory in years because they self seed so well.These twining vines quickly climb trellises and fences before bursting with trumpet-shaped blooms that open with the sun and close as daylight fade.The species boasts white-throated purple flowers,but hybrid are available with white,blue,pink and magenta blooms.

3.Cosmos..cosmos bipinnatus- cosmos are a favorite for their pink,red or white flowers with bright yellow centers.The easily maintained and freely flowering plants grow to 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide and may naturalize when conditions are right.The warm-weather annual prefers sunny sites and well-drained average soil.

4.Sunflowers..helianthus annuus-I love there bright yellow color,these sturdy plants grow into towering,flowering beauties with very little care on your part.Depending on the variety,stiff stems ranging in height from 1 to 10 feet with flowers measuring up to 12 inches in diameter.They make fun and shady play house for kids in the hot of summer.

5.Snapdragon..antirrhinum majus- Snapdragons bear tubular flowers that sprout along stems growing between 6 inches and 3 feet tall.you can find them in lavender,orange,red,pink,yellow or white blooms from spring through early summer.The cool-season plants prefer sunny sites with moist,organic-rich,well-draining soil.